Radio/Data networking

So this is a little ‘Back to the Future’ project.. I used to use Ax25 packet radio extensively in the 80’s but the development of that network stalled when Internet linking made things too easy.

Now that High Speed Multimedia networks are the thing on 2.4 and 5GHz, high speed networking is in fashion again but with the remaining problem that messages destined for outside the area served by the mesh networks have to get there somehow. With some intelligent networking it seems appropriate to leave the Microwave networks serving a smaller area with high speed and volume data but the relatively fewer messages intended for the wider area routed through Amateur VHF and HF networks.

Technology is certainly much cheaper now and TNCs don’t have to cost over 100, an Arduino Nano and some components producing a workable TNC for around 10. Together with Raspberry Pi Zero computers quite a decent mesh network could be developed and this is what this page will record.

In the beginning there was a network architecture…